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20NTC Session Proposal

Framing Your Storytelling to Empower Your Army of Ambassadors


This will be wide ranging session that will focus on storytelling, and how many organizations often gear their stories toward a specific audience. One story can be told hundreds of different ways depending on who the audience is. This session will cover the importance of framing your storytelling to be tailored to motivate each specific ambassador. 

This storytelling session will focus on framing your communication and storytelling to be tailored specifically to the following ambassadors:

-Individual Donors 
-Corporate Donors 
-Board Members
-Internal staff 

This discussion will give nonprofit leaders an opportunity to identify the current ambassador type that they are experiencing pain points with, and learning the best practices and tools needed to feel confident when communicating and storytelling with that specific group. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand each ambassador's motivation of engaging with your nonprofit
  • Clear tools and best practices on how to make your ambassadors feel fulfilled
  • Clear storytelling devices to empower your ambassadors to further the mission

Target Audience

Nonprofit Leadership

Additional Speakers

Greg Harrell Edge



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