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20NTC Session Proposal

Focused Fixes Respect Your Time & Budget


Websites never rest, and need to grow over time. The most successful organizations are continuously evolving their sites based on changing technology, customer insights and industry trends. Knowing all of this, it’s likely that your website could use some love. 

But do you know whether it could benefit most from a focused fix or a full rebuild? What if you could meet your goals and continue to make progress on your site without the major expense and time commitment of a full rebuild?

In this session we’ll cover different ways you can make a huge impact on your site by making strategic upgrades to both your front- and back-end without the expense of an overhaul. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Determine how best to assess if they need a full rebuild or simply some interim updates.
  • Learn how to meet website goals on a limited budget.
  • Make how to make impactful decisions in a shorter time than a rebuild.

Target Audience

Best for those who are in charge of keeping a site fresh and updated on a limited budget


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