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20NTC Session Proposal

Find True Consultant Love: Picking the Right Match for You


At some point, your organization will reach the limit of your in-house expertise and you’ll likely look to hire a consultant. This will almost certainly happen when considering how to optimize your CRM. There are lots of great consultants out there, but only some are actually great for you. How do you figure out which one to hire?

In this session, we’ll talk with the DC Bar Foundation as a case study into what truly makes for a great consulting relationship. We’ll discuss how to find a consultant who matches YOUR level of expertise and understanding, so that your consultant doesn’t trap you in the weeds or float you uselessly in the clouds. We’ll also focus on great consulting relationships as ones that model the optimal system functioning or staffing arrangement you need. They don’t just tell you want to do; they do the work with you.

Learning Outcomes

  • Take home a clear checklist to guide thinking through hiring the right type of outside support for your organization
  • Sleep easier with a firmer understanding of what conversations to have during the vetting process to assess fit
  • Take home a game plan for how to build buy-in from your staff and board in hiring a consultant

Target Audience

Executive Directors, Development Directors, Board Members, COOs

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