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20NTC Session Proposal

Fast ideation with the Design Studio framework


Would you like to collaborate -in an easy way- with your peers and stakeholders to generate ideas to solve problems? 

Come and learn about a simple, super collaborative UX ideation framework for teams. You’ll love this “down to earth, hands on, stuff-that-I-can-use-tomorrow” session!

What you’ll do

You’ll learn a simple ideation framework in 5 minutes. This process involves sketching, presenting, voting and deciding, to solve problems in a collaborative manner

You’ll be presented with a problem to fix using this framework, in teams of 5.

You’ll ideate in simple and powerful manner with your team.

You’ll take a framework that you can use tomorrow, with teams from your organization, and propose ideas in an agile way.


Target Audience

Are a business / strategy / marketing person who wants to involve a team into solving your organizations digital problems.

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