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20NTC Session Proposal

Fast Ideation with Design Studio and prototyping with


Would you like to collaborate -in an easy way- with your peers and stakeholders to generate ideas to solve problems? 

Come and learn about a simple, super collaborative UX ideation framework for teams. Then, turn those ideas into prototypes with a browser based, collaborative design tool: You’ll love this “down to earth, hands on, stuff-that-I-can-use-tomorrow” workshop!

Design Studio: With Design Studio, you’ll learn to have great UX conversations and generate ideas alongside stakeholders. Your deliverable will be a set of sketches, notes and behaviours that you will then prototype. The theory is simple and fast to learn. You will learn doing and collaborating with others in groups of 5.

Prototyping: During this part of the session you will learn about the importance of prototypes of medium fidelity, in order to test ideas in a fast and iterative manner, and how tools like Figma can take you there fast.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use a fast and simple ideation framework known as "Design Studio", which you can learn in 5 minutes.
  • Learn how you can use figma to prototype with a powerful browser based tool, using a free account.
  • Take home a "can be used tomorrow" process and get problem solving collaborative, immediatly!

Target Audience

Are a business / strategy / marketing person who wants to involve a team into solving your organizations digital problems.

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