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20NTC Session Proposal

Embracing Change for Project Success


Nonprofits make significant investments in technology implementations every year, and all too often, levels of user adoption are disappointingly low. It’s easy to blame the flaws of the system, but until the magical unicorn of a perfect system comes along, a focus on your users and getting serious about change management can ensure that technology lives up to its promise.

Even as we get used to replacing cell phones with regularity, system changes at work can make many of us a bit queasy. For some, it’s as minor as the inconvenience of learning a new user interface, while others can even feel fear for their jobs. Fortunately, active change management can transform that uncertainty into project support, assuring widespread adoption and success of new programs and systems. Planning, preparing, and communicating during changes will remove the fear and frustration and help an organization implement a successful project that brings value across departments.

In this workshop, we will present practical strategies to prepare, communicate, and manage change in a technology project. Attendees will work through scenarios that they can apply to their own organization’s technology project to answer:

  • How do I identify and measure the value of change on my technology project?
  • How do I develop the appropriate communication plan for my project?
  • What is the resistance on my project, and how do I manage this resistance?
  • How do I get support at the beginning and throughout my project?

Attendees will leave with a sense of their personal reaction to change and how they can utilize intentional change management techniques to maximize user adoption at their organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and measure the value of change management
  • Understand and redirect resistance to change
  • Establish and maintain sponsorship and support throughout a project






April 13, 2018


10:30am – 12:00pm



CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

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