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20NTC Session Proposal

Embrace Our Future Robot Overlords, For the Sake of Diversity


Improving and maintaining the diversity on our teams is a top priority for all of us. But consistently achieving that dream is no small feat. Our hiring, on boarding, and development processes are consistently inconsistent because, after all, we’re only human. But what if our future robot overlords really do have our best interests at heart? What if technology could save us from ourselves? In this session we’ll discuss ways to use technology to achieve consistent results in improving our hiring diversity and holding on to our new hires through better on boarding and professional development. Won’t you join us as we embrace our future overlords and usher in a world of greater diversity for all our teams?

Learning Outcomes

  • use technology to consistently remove unconscious bias and increase the diversity in your hiring process
  • improve your on boarding process through technology and relationship to hold on to diverse hires
  • make the most of your 1:1 meetings to improve the professional development results of your team through technology

Target Audience

Managers, hiring managers, or anyone looking for consistent methods to improve their hiring diversity

Additional Speakers

Martha Hunyadi

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