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20NTC Session Proposal

Eliminating Data Silos – Integrating Data to Serve your Communities


Every non-profit serves multiple communities – the community in need of the services and the communities of employees and volunteers that provide the services.  Keeping these communities’ data in alignment was not the original intent of most software targeted for non-profits. Different departments wanted their data their particular way. Many different software packages were purchased depending on the buyer. Now each community is dealing with a variety of data silos that don’t necessarily talk to each other. 

What can be done?  Is it time to switch to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software?  How can you tell?  If so, can an ERP integrate the silos into one cohesive set of data? Can that data provide reports and dashboards to decision makers in all departments – in their desired format?

What types of requirements should you be asking your software providers so that an integrated data set can be achieved?

Learning Outcomes

  • Advantages of integrating silos of data into a "single source of truth"
  • The questions to ask your software provider about integrating data silos
  • Ease and effectiveness of reporting from a "single source of truth" database

Target Audience

IT Decision makers, CFOs, Finance Managers, CRM professionals

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