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20NTC Session Proposal

Don’t Let Systems Get You Down! Decoding the Language of Marchitecture

Submitted by: Bethany Maki NTEN Member badge |


MarTech. AdTech. Analytics Platforms. Big Data. They are all part of the modern day marketer’s vocabulary. Why? Because today, we find ourselves in an environment more complex than ever before, due to a highly intelligent, technologically savvy, and more social and interactive consumer.

About a decade ago, an organization could likely group their technology stack based on the two primary objectives: the operational needs of the company, and the customers’ expressed needs. We know that we’re far from those days; in fact, today, marketing touches just about all points of an organization, particularly when it comes to making the big strategic decisions that impact performance. With all of the moving pieces—customers, channels, big data, technology, and staff—it’s critical to have a clear view of how everything is working together, where dollars are flowing, and most importantly, if those performance goals are being achieved. That’s where marchitecture comes in.

In this session, we’ll help nonprofit marketers decode the daunting MarTech landscape, showing them how to focus not on the shiny new technologies, but on the right solutions for reaching their overall strategic goals, while maintaining a positive donor experience. Our goal is to help answer questions like: “Are all of my systems and platforms working together to achieve a common goal? Can I identify the key stakeholders for donor data capture and usage conversation? Is there a common data language established within my organization so that it’s easily synched and easily actionable for all part of the organization?” We also want to help nonprofits realize the gap between technology, data and strategy—all with the goal of establishing and maintaining a solid internal structure, where the right content meets the right audiences, and donors are kept engaged.









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Thurgood Marshall South


March 25, 2017


1:30pm – 3:00pm

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