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20NTC Session Proposal

Don’t get played by the product demo!


Ever wonder why the application you ended up with doesn’t look anything like the sales demo? What the salesperson showed with ease and grace now seems clunky and cumbersome? Do you feel you like you were sold a Tesla but ended up with a Yugo? This session will cover all the “tricks of the trade” from someone whose led hundreds of sales demos. We’ll explore ways to prepare for the demo, review the “tough” questions to ask, and give participants all the tools they need to ensure the demo is giving you the answers you REALLY need! 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how to plan for a product demo
  • Understand what questions to ask to make the most of your product demo
  • Understand common practices and "gotchas" during demos that lead to misaligned expectations

Target Audience

IT Decision Makers, Executive Directors, and CRM Administrators


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