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20NTC Session Proposal

Don’t fear the database conversions


In this session, we’ve asked experts to weigh in on database conversion…a process that, like renovating a house, can cost more time, money, and heartache than you anticipate—if not planned correctly. We’ll take you through the nuts and bolts of database conversion, including how to decide when it’s time to convert to a new system, the key areas to consider when vetting new vendors, pitfalls to avoid, and how to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Learning Outcomes

  • Specific steps for choosing the right database vendor for your organization’s unique, multi-channel, multi-departmental, and scalable needs.
  • Best practices for data conversion, including pre- and post-conversion management tips.
  • Lessons learned the hard way: how to ensure that your database conversion is successful, on time, and on budget.

Target Audience

nonprofit, fundraising, communications professionals

Additional Speakers

Amy Vanpouille Padre, Avalon Consulting (moderator)

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