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20NTC Session Proposal

Don’t digitize dysfunction: How to drive change with CRM implementation

Submitted by: Jan Kaderly | A Line Strategy


Implementing a new CRM holds much more promise than better efficiency or more automation bells and whistles. Done right, the project can become a change catalyst that can unify and energize the entire organization.  In preparing for an implementation make sure you don’t “lift and shift” the old habits along with the technology and migrate outdated practices along with your data. Moreover, don’t just accept work-arounds driven by technological constraints or personality-driven processes. Not only is CRM a powerful opportunity to develop deeper and more valuable relationships with your customers and it’s an opportunity to drive change in your organization. Learn how nonprofits are leveraging CRM implementation to drive change throughout their institution.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why implementing CRM is uniquely challenging
  • identify the key challenges to implementing CRM
  • Implement 3 practical approaches overcoming organizational obstacles to CRM

Target Audience

Operations and IT leadership, Executives of organization about to implement CRM

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