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20NTC Session Proposal

Don’t be a mind reader, talk to your digital audience!

Submitted by: Kailee Quinn | Fionta


If you felt like a friend or partner was pulling away from you, it would be second nature to reach out and be a good listener, rather than observing their behavior and attempting to interpret their actions. You should be thinking of the people who engage with your nonprofit in the same way. How do you know if the digital experience you’ve created for your audience is resonating with them? Analytics and data will tell you where and when people are engaging but talking to the actual humans who consume your organization’s information is critical to understanding their motivations. Synthesizing your audience’s true needs is the key to increasing engagement and delight at all of your nonprofit’s digital touchpoints. The good news is that anyone with empathy and the willingness to listen can conduct user research and testing by learning how to ask the right questions.

Target Audience

Nonprofit staff who are involved with content strategy and creation or anyone who benefits from increased digital engagement


Content StrategyDigital InclusionEngagementResearch

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