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20NTC Session Proposal

Does technology planning matter at all in today’s nonprofit?

Submitted by: Steve Heye NTEN Member badge | Netsuite


For the last 15 years (or more) I have been leading presentations and training on technology plans. And after all of this time, I still wonder does it even really matter? I mean seriously, who cares. Everyone is starting to understand and embrace technology, so why even bother having a technology plan. No one even looked at the last one my org had.  Maybe it is time to revisit this and ditch the tech plan. But then what?

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify whether you nonprofit needs a technology plan and if yes, what kind.
  • Change the role the technology plan plays in your nonprofit's strategic plan.
  • Have a good laugh about the futility of technology plans.

Target Audience

Leadership, IT Decision Makers, IT Staff and any staff involved in the strategic planning process at your nonprofit.


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