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20NTC Session Proposal

Do I Have Enough Data for Artificial Intelligence?

Submitted by: Jared Sheehan | PwrdBy


Canada Children’s Hospital Foundation (CCHF) leveraged its large corporate partner database to pilot the AI-powered application Amelia. Brady Hambleton, Vice President of Marketing, Engagement and Analytics at CCHF and Jared Sheehan, creator of Amelia, discuss CCHF’s issues with their previous data environment and why they decided to start testing AI technology. The process involved current state analysis of data attributes, strategy, and mission alignment, ensuring implementation met their member hospitals’ needs. Learners will come away with an approach to AI strategy, including thinking through large datasets, through an example where piloting AI technology helped the organization meet their corporate goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Approach to AI strategy
  • Large dataset analysis as related to organizational analytics
  • Designing AI pilots to meet organizational goals

Target Audience

IT decision makers and database managers

Additional Speakers

Brady Hambleton, Jared Sheehan


AnalyticsDataEmerging TechStrategy

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