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20NTC Session Proposal

Do Baller Digital Advocacy When You’ve Never Done It Before

Submitted by: Ryann Miller | Grassriots


You’ve never or rarely done digital advocacy and you want to; it’s just hard to know where and when to jump in, right? Natasha and Ryann are going to cover the basics and beyond: from when and how to use digital, public-facing advocacy to the key components of advocacy campaigns. We’ll walk you through the stuff they never taught you in marketing school or your years in fundraising: what are the three whys? Why is it so important to end with sharing the ownership? What does a typical advocacy campaign lifecycle look like? How does fundraising fit in? We’ll show some sweet case studies too.

We’ve been doing digital advocacy and intersecting it with fundraising for 30 years between the two of us. Join us and take away everything you’ll need to do baller digital advocacy like you’ve been doing it for years.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use the principles of digital engagement to build a multi-dimensional relationship with your activists.
  • Know when to move beyond just petitions to other digital tactics and offline tactics for conversion.
  • Know what a theory of change is and how to craft compelling calls to action.

Target Audience

Fundraisers, marketers and digital folks who haven't done or led a digital advocacy campaign before.

Additional Speakers

Natasha Madison, from New/Mode



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