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20NTC Session Proposal

Diversity to Inclusion: How Leaders Can Look Beyond Numbers

Submitted by: Dalia Katan | Deloitte


As the US constituent base becomes increasingly diverse, global, and socially conscious, the key to creating an impact and to successfully engaging beneficiaries, donors, and volunteers alike, is to diversify the workforce. In this talk, nonprofit leaders and managers will learn how to build a strong case for diversity and inclusion within their organizations, as well as learn actionable tools from Deloitte and Princeton research to unlock the potential of diversity and inclusion and strengthen their understanding of and engagement with those they serve. Case studies will show the direct link between diversity and innovation, including companies that were able to strengthen their programs and improve user experience by changing the composition of their teams to include more diverse perspectives – including those of women, refugees, and other intersectional identities.

Target Audience

HR leaders, program managers, project managers, executive teams

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