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20NTC Session Proposal

Diversifying Our Lists: Connecting with “Hard-to-Reach” Communities Online


For our movement(s) to win and our organizations to succeed, we know that impacted communities — including people of color, queer and trans communities, working people, and women — must be centered, including and especially in our digital programs.

Unfortunately, traditional strategies to grow non-profit lists often end up acquiring the same homogenous groups of (white, cis/het, and/or upper middle-class) supporters who don’t reflect the true diversity of our movements or leadership. In this training, we’ll show you how to design targeting — and develop creative — in order to connect with and engage traditionally “hard-to-reach” communities through your digital advertising program. We’ll be using the ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties’ campaign to build online power to address police brutality among communities of color in their region as our primary case study.

Learning Outcomes

  • Optimize reach & viewability towards diverse communities within Facebook and other popular acquisition platforms
  • Write culturally relevant ad copy directed to diverse communities (particularly communities of color and LGBTQ communities)
  • Develop culturally relevant creative when targeting diverse communities

Target Audience

The target audience is digital staffers with a basic understanding of digital list-building acquisition strategies/platforms -- in targeting or creative.

Additional Speakers

Gabrielle Cardoza, Trilogy Interactive & Gaia Croston, ACLU-SDIC


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