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20NTC Session Proposal

Digital Transformation: It’s Not the Technology, It’s the People

Submitted by: Hillary Brooks | Forum One


Change is hard—especially when it comes to your organization’s digital footprint. And, more often than not, a supporter-centric strategy leads the way for large scale transformational changes to meet the needs of digitally savvy audiences. But, how do we, as strategists, make these digital transformations happen?

Often, we find ourselves eager to jump in and explore what tools to implement, excited about what the future will look like. But, before we can get there, we need alignment from stakeholders across the organization to embrace strategic innovation and change. From assembling cross-functional teams to finding champions of digital philanthropy, digital transformation has less to do with technologies and more to do with people. 

In this session, Katelyn McArdle, Digital Strategy Manager at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation, and Hillary Brooks, Digital Strategist at Forum One, will share what they’ve learned from implementing large-scale change and how to get key stakeholders on board.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assemble and lead cross-functional teams within your organization
  • Identify champions of digital philanthropy to advocate for change
  • Build momentum for your initiative by identifying potential roadblocks

Target Audience

Marketing, IT, Operations, HR or Anyone Leading Digital Transformation

Additional Speakers

Katelyn McArdle, Digital Strategy Manager, Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation


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