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20NTC Session Proposal

Digital Security Training Successes: Use Fun, Not Fear


My first time tabling at a conference as a digital security trainer, I realized that people were walking away with more fear than empowerment – the opposite of my intention! I had to develop techniques so everyone who approached us – whether IT professional or IT avoidant – could walk away with actionable, practical knowledge about a step they could take to make themselves or their organization more secure. 

I found that what works best is pairing specific threats with the simple actions people can take to mitigate them. Drawn from my experience sharing digital security tips while tabling and training, we will go over: 

  • Quick activities to teach about security and privacy
  • Swag that doubles as threat modeling education
  • How to channel fear into confident action

Learn how to make digital security personal, practical, and above all, fun!

Target Audience

Anybody interested in learning more about practical digital security; security champions looking for tips on how to build buy-in



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