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20NTC Session Proposal

Digital product–Breaking silos and making change.

Submitted by: Chris Montwill | Threespot


We all want to make the world a better place, but aligning goals and outcomes between departments can prove difficult to do and hard to measure. Cue the digital product mindset— a cross-disciplinary approach to social change that (when well planned) is collaborative, sustainable, and easy to measure.

Inspired by commercial digital products like Lyft, this mindset changes any effort into a functional product– one that tests hypotheses and improves outcomes over time. Driven by specific audience needs and technical reality, it brings communications, programs, and operations together to deliver on your mission, catch eyeballs, and open wallets.

What’s more, this is already being done successfully in many organizations. Join us as we talk about digital product and how they can help to create a more just world. 

Learning Outcomes

  • What a digital product is and its strengths and weaknesses
  • How you can create and sustain a digital product in your organization
  • What the future of digital product means for non-profits and communicators

Target Audience

Department directors looking to streamline and improve their fundraising, mission delivery, and marketing efforts.

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