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20NTC Session Proposal

Digital Maturity for the Social Sector: Are We There Yet?


Almost 30 years into the web, organizations have radically transformed to incorporate a new digital reality. We’ve plunged into new channels (first websites and email, then social, mobile, text, ads, voice, and on). We’ve hired digital staff and built departments (once just webmasters, we now have digital campaigners, content strategists, and so many more specialists).

But has our sector reached digital maturity? And what does that even mean for organizations day-to-day?

Using the national Sierra Club and PBS member stations as examples, we’ll map the stages of digital maturity in nonprofits. We’ll help you assess where your organization is developmentally and identify what this means in practical terms: the evolution of your staffing and structures, practices, tools and tactics. And we’ll talk about what happens in the digital-first future, when we might no longer need “digital teams” because digital touches every role in the organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe how the social sector is maturing with digital & what the digital-first future looks like
  • Gauge your own organization’s digital development and map what comes next
  • Use that vision to begin reframing your digital department’s mission and relationship to other departments to grow your organization’s impact

Target Audience

Leaders, digital directors, & online engagement folks who are wondering what digital maturity looks like

Additional Speakers

Molly Brooksbank, Sierra Club ; Chas Offutt, PBS