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20NTC Session Proposal

Developing an IT Roadmap: A “How To” Discussion.


Setting your technology direction for the next several years is not a narrow technical undertaking, to be led by technical specialists. Rather, it is a strategic thinking endeavor that can be undertaken by your senior leadership team as part of its usual business planning and oversight process. This session will present “best practices” that have been proven to work in many nonprofit organizations. The session provides a conceptual framework for thinking about all of the elements of technology in your organization.  We will present a step-by-step planning process, a sample timeline, and examples and templates of interim and final deliverables to be developed while creating an IT Roadmap to guide IT for the next several years. Your primary concerns will be included: security, applications selection and adoption, outsourcing, user readiness, change management, and IT budgeting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Think about IT in a wholistic way; consider all elements of potential IT improvements or "digital transformation."
  • Kick off an organization-wide IT planning effort by following the framework and tools presented.
  • Learn "what works" and what doesn't when initiating IT systems and process improvement projects.

Target Audience

IT decision-makers. Senior Leadership Team members who desire to consider IT issues and priorities collaboratively and strategically.

Additional Speakers

Principals of Echo Technology Solutions; CFO of a Nonprofit (TBD)

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