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20NTC Session Proposal

Design Tips for the Non-Designer

Submitted by: Josh Riman NTEN Member badge | Great Believer


Good design on the web, in social media and in print can separate your nonprofit from a sea of sameness and convince supporters to pay attention — even take action. But “good design” can be elusive, especially when the work falls on the shoulders of a nonprofit staffer who has only dabbled in design.

In this interactive session, Josh Riman, Founder and President of Great Believer, will walk you through tips to make immediate improvements to your nonprofit’s design efforts. Josh’s crash course will cover design fundamentals, brand guidelines and design software, empowering you to walk away with an arsenal of techniques and more confidence in your design chops.

Target Audience

Any nonprofit employees who find design work creeping into their job description, although they have little (if any) design expertise.


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