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20NTC Session Proposal

Design Sprints for Nonprofits

Submitted by: Jan Kaderly | A Line Strategy


This workshop customizes the famous “Google Design Sprint” for nonprofits that deliver physical or virtual experiences to audiences to generate revenue or deliver on your mission. The workshop will give content creators, community and volunteer managers, program developers an overview of the tools they need to design, prototype and test experiences with their target audiences.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  1. Target the moment that will drive success for your program
  2. Identify how you will overcome the greatest challenges to your program
  3. Storyboard experiences for the moment that matters the most
  4. Iterate on winning ideas so that your have many paths to success
  5. Get feedback from your audience to know if you are heading in the right direction

You should attend if you:

  • want to launch a new program 
  • need to revitalize a stagnating program with new thinking
  • are stalled in launching a program and need to design a solution

Target Audience

Leadership and staff responsible for developing digital experiences


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