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20NTC Session Proposal

Demystifying Internet Governance


This session will provide an introductory overview of what is Internet Governance and why should Individuals and Non-Profits care about Internet Governance issues? The session will review some early history of Internet Governance and talk about the importance of ensuring a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. You will learn what organizations are in this ecosystem, the roles they play and how your organization can play an effective role within this ecosystem.

Internet Governance is a wide area that also covers, data security, data protection, and data privacy. Each of these issues has a significant impact both on Internet Governance and on the day to day work of non-profits in a tech-focused world. Other sessions at NTEN have covered the EU’s GDPR Act and Cybersecurity and these sessions form a good complement to this session as data security and privacy go hand in hand.

This session hopes to provide answers to the following questions:

  • What does effective Internet Governance look like in 2019?
  • How might the Internet Governance ecosystem evolve to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow?
  • What organizations are involved? What role do they play? How are roles and responsibilities determined
  • What are existing and emerging legal frameworks for privacy protection?
  • What Government Agency or Agencies can consumers or small businesses turn to for help? What services do they offer?
  • Why is digital data security important for consumers and non-profits? What steps can Non-Profits take to ensure that they keep their customer data secure? What incentives exist to ensure data security and are they the right incentives?
  • Where should non-profits concentrate their data security efforts? Or perhaps, Consumers should be responsible for securing their own data security? Or is another approach preferred?


Judith Hellerstein


Hellerstein & Associates & Naralo, ICANN At Large

Judith Hellerstein is the Founder and CEO of Hellerstein & Associates,, a research consultancy specializing in opening up telecom and technology opportunities worldwide. Judith has over thirty years experience in developing policies, regulations, building regulatory capacity, strategy development, broadband build out, e-Government assessment, regulatory reform, competition law, and on Internet Governance issues having worked on several high-profile projects while she was at the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission, MCI Communications, and Former Vice President Gore’s Reinventing Government office before founding her firm. Judith has advised regulators, Governments, international organizations and commercial and non-profit clients around the world on the adoption of telecom laws and policies, competition policy, and the development of the ICT sector, including market and regulatory reforms. She conducts research and analysis on Internet Governance, tracking of Internet policy issues, ICT regulations, cloud computing, smart cities, broadband deployment, ICT policy development, mainstreaming ICT, cybercrime, and on competition policy issues. She has also designed and developed tools for sector assessments and e-government assessments.

Judith is a passionate advocate for helping to bring connectivity and empower communities which is why I have been working on connectivity and infrastructure issues as well as digital literacy. She is also very active within ICANN and is the Chair of the At-Large Technology Task Force and an active participant of the Cross Community Working Groups on Internet Governance and Auction Proceeds. Judith has worked with actors across stakeholder groups in the Internet ecosystem to develop and manage Internet-related projects and campaigns. She helps clients keep current on states of affair across the many areas that Internet Governance and Policy issues are debated and discussed, monitoring & tracking developments, providing analysis, and intervening if desired.
Over the past eight years Judith has worked with several African, Caribbean, South American and Central and East Asian Countries on developing new ICT and e-Government laws and policies, reviewing and amending old laws, providing regulatory and policy capacity building, developing, researching and evaluating ICT policy and egovernment service delivery projects. She has worked with actors across stakeholder groups in the Internet ecosystem to develop and manage competition policy and Internet-related projects and campaigns. She has extensive experience with multistakeholder approaches to governance and other policy issues and also has strong research, writing, and analysis expertise.

Judith has a Master’s Degree in public policy with a concentration in international management from the Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs in New York City, where she focused on International Development. She was awarded a Public Fellowship Award and has published many papers relating to public policy in the ICT market.

Debra socia

Executive Director

Next Century Cities

Deb Socia is the Executive Director of Next Century Cities, a nonprofit that strives to support community leaders across the country as they seek to ensure that all have access to fast, affordable, and reliable Internet. More than 180 cities strong, Next Century Cities is committed to celebrating city successes, demonstrating the value of truly high speed broadband, and elevating the importance of next generation broadband as essential infrastructure.
Prior to her current role, Deb was the Executive Director of the Tech Goes Home program in Boston whose mission is to ensure digital equity. Previously, Deb spent 32 years as an educator and administrator. She was the founding principal of the award winning Lilla G. Frederick Middle School, a Boston Public School where she led the one-to-one laptop initiative.
Deb has been the recipient of many awards for her work, including the NATOA Community Broadband Hero, the Pathfinder Award from MassCUE, the CRSTE Leadership and Vision Award, Motherboard Human of the Year, an NTENny Award, and the Charles Benton Digital Equity Award.





March 14, 2019


3:00pm – 4:15pm



CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.25

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