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20NTC Session Proposal

Democratizing Philanthropy: Expanding Nonprofit Power and Agency Through Digital Access

Submitted by: Molly Trerotola | Give Lively


Nonprofits play an important part in the tug of war between haves and have-nots, but are hardly exempt from it themselves. Fortunately, the future of philanthropy is bright with new opportunity: free and affordable tech tools that foster a more digitally equitable and inclusive sector, and close the technology divide between nonprofits and for-profits, as well as between nonprofits.

This panel explores the developments in improved digital access and tech philanthropy, and the impact of fundraising models like crowdfunding. Special light will be shone on the road still ahead, as more and more under-resourced nonprofits and communities gain access to and experiment with digital tools in pursuit of previously elusive ends. We’ll discuss reduced and eliminated barriers to entry for nonprofits and communities through peer-to-peer fundraising, and ready- and easy-to-use smart tech tools that expand nonprofits’ reach and give both power and agency to communities at local and global levels.

Learning Outcomes

  • Embrace the tech-forward future of philanthropy through improved digital access and equity, and an understanding of its impact.
  • Explore the accessible, inclusive and community-oriented nature of crowdfunding, one that eliminates digital fundraising barriers for nonprofits and grassroots organizations.
  • Explore the collegial and collaborative future of philanthropy through corporate social responsibility and innovative partnerships.

Target Audience

Executive Directors, Fundraisers, Marketers

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