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20NTC Session Proposal

Delving Into Uncharted Waters? Better Bring a Map

Submitted by: Sarah Wilbore |


As the digital landscape changes, it’s never been more important for nonprofits to try new things and experiment with new tactics and strategies. However, just because you’re trying something new doesn’t mean you don’t need a plan. As important as it is for your organization that you grow your membership, that growth doesn’t mean much if you’re adding the wrong donors.

In this session you’ll learn how boldly created a plan to expand into new markets by designing their own market research and custom building a model for success. From there, you’ll learn how they set goals for outreach and success and, ultimately, met those goals, thanks to a solid roadmap.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to create your own plan for market research.
  • How to expand not just to new audiences, but to the right audiences.
  • How to set goals for smart growth.

Target Audience

Digital Communications staff, Development staff

Additional Speakers

Rachel Allison, Fresh Eyes Digital


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