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20NTC Session Proposal

Death to Silos: Building an Online Experience for All Stakeholders


Redesigning an old, institutional website is challenging. Every team thinks its content is the most important, even when your users might be telling you something different. This becomes an even bigger issue for nonprofits that work on a wide range of issues and often in departmental silos. How do you prioritize?

Sometimes the biggest obstacles to successful website redesigns are around team culture and organizational change. This session will explore how Public Citizen built a cross-functional team to manage their redesign, empowering them to make critical decisions and stay focused on user needs.

Attend to learn how Public Citizen set the project up for success from the start, and see how they worked through some hairy UX challenges and internal resistance to build a site that is truly focused on the needs of their supporters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Successfully make the case for building a cross-functional internal website redesign team
  • Ask the right questions to determine shared priorities across teams
  • Leave with actionable tips on how to strike a balance between user needs and internal priorities

Target Audience

People who want to learn how to create internal buy-in and structure a strong team to manage a website redesign.

Additional Speakers

Jessica Teal, Principal, Teal Media


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