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20NTC Session Proposal

Data Hoarding Doesn’t Help! Minimize Data Despair & Maximize Engagement


We know your organization has lots of data. A ton of data. Way too much data. Seriously. And it’s slowly crushing your soul because you know you can do more with it, but you just don’t know how.

It’s time to break those data hoarding habits and minimize to maximize your efforts! Hallelujah!

Yes – we will teach you how to spend less energy on the data that doesn’t matter and how to focus on the data that actually maximizes engagement and donor loyalty. In this session we’ll cover the four core pieces of data you MUST be using to engage your supporters (yes, just four).  We’ll help you convince your team to let go of some of the fluffy data that no one is ever going to miss, and finally, we’ll share a simple engagement plan that you can use to set up a pilot at your organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what data you really need to use & why
  • Develop business processes that streamline your data collection practices
  • Create effective data practices that actually create engagement and improve fundraising results

Target Audience

Fundraisers and marketers who have lots of data but aren’t using any of it effectively.

Additional Speakers

Taylor Shanklin