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20NTC Session Proposal

Data Architecture: Organizing Your Digital Attic


Do you often find yourself buried under a mountain of spreadsheets? Are you thinking about dabbling in the seemingly daunting world of database administration? Have you ever wondered “What the foreign key is data architecture?” Then this session might be for you! 

In “Organizing Your Digital Attic,” we’ll talk through the basic terms and principles of data architecture to provide you with the tools you need to get a handle on your data. Whether you recently inherited the task of administering your organization’s database or you’re simply hoping to communicate more easily with the folks who do, being able to outline or interpret a data schema is essential to making sense of all of the information your organization tracks and analyzes. 

Join us for an interactive session in which we navigate the process of designing a data schema from start to finish to understand the promise and pitfalls of databases.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the key terms and principles of data architecture and how to apply them in the context of an organization
  • Outline the basic structure for how to organize and store your data to report on it more efficiently
  • Describe the steps you need to take to migrate your data from spreadsheets to a simple database

Target Audience

“Accidental” admins of small organizations, business analysts looking to be more self-sufficient, folks who supervise data architects and DBAs

Additional Speakers

Sid Padki - Baltimore Corps