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20NTC Session Proposal

Data and Dashboards and Warehouses — Oh my!

Submitted by: Ashley Hansen NTEN Member badge | Frakture


Data is at the heart of what we do for our organizations, but sometimes numbers are just blah. When it comes creating attractive visualizations and dashboards, the challenges can be quite daunting — from accessing the data, choosing a tool (and assessing its cost/value proposition), and then creating the visualizations themselves. In this session, we’ll take the mystery out of data warehousing by going over the key benefits, demo several of the top visualization tools, and actually create a dashboard live.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain what the benefits are of using a data warehouse
  • Understand the benefits of various data visualization tools
  • Go back to their organization with a clear understanding of how to improve reporting

Target Audience

fundraisers, data analysts, leadership, anyone wanting to learn more about creating reports

Additional Speakers

Mary Getz, Chris Lundberg


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