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20NTC Session Proposal

Creating the right content to rank, engage, and convert

Submitted by: Megan conahan | Direct Agents


This session will shed light on how to create content that will drive new organic visitors and donors online.  We will be discussing how to transform your current content strategy into one that will drive new donors and re-engage existing donors in order to become a major player for digital acquisition.  It will also help content marketers understand how to write posts/articles/news to potentially be used in a voice search result. 

It will address mapping content to trend relevance and quick answer and voice search opportunity, certifying your data and content with voice search to prepare for monetization of the future of these systems, and Tying voice search presence/traffic back to analytics. It will also touch base on the importance of amazon SEO for voice search! 


Learning Outcomes

  • How to create content topics and group them for ranking for SEO
  • How to write content to gain quick answers (position 0) and page 1 rankings
  • What protocols need to be properly implemented to allow voice search/personal assistant bots to crawl and certify website data

Target Audience

Marketing professionals who a more strategic approach to content creation

Additional Speakers

Jonny Waite & Megan Conahan


Content MarketingContent StrategySEO

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