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20NTC Session Proposal

Continuous Improvement: Combining Practitioner-led and Evaluator-led Approaches


Our presenters have vastly different backgrounds in Continuous Improvement—but over the last year they have worked out how these approaches can be use together to complement each other. Sherra has supported numerous organizations implementing the Model For Improvement and PDSA cycles, driving practitioner-led innovation and growth for their programs. Gregor spent three years at Amazon running A/B tests and using large amounts of data and statistics to evaluate changes.

In this session, they will give guidance on creating a learning culture in your organization where program staff and data staff work harmoniously on improvement efforts. This will include:

* Enabling conditions for both activities

* How the MEL team can support practitioners

* Management’s role in empowering and guiding their staff

* The characteristics of tests that are best-suited for each approach

* Success stories from organizations we’ve worked with

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand differences between practitioner-led and evaluator-led continuous improvement models, and how they can work together.
  • Lead empowered teams that run PDSA cycles and rapid cycle evaluations constantly work on program improvement.
  • Create an effective culture of learning, where data informs decisions and programs are continuously meausured to improve and build evidence.

Target Audience

Program management and MEL/Analytics staff interested in practical continuous improvement

Additional Speakers

Sherra Lawrence (Project Evident)