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20NTC Session Proposal

Content That Helps: Creating Impactful Content About Sensitive Topics

Submitted by: Gina Kosty | Logic Department


The internet is the first place many people privately turn for guidance in times of distress. Nonprofits share countless, vital resources for free online to reach and support vulnerable populations with topics like mental health and unemployment. But how do you know if your nonprofit’s online resources are effective, meeting the needs of your audience, and having a positive impact? Creating content about sensitive topics, organizing it, and keeping it current is more than a full-time job. Managing it all internally and ensuring the work supports your organization’s mission is a challenge.

After completing countless interviews with real sensitive-topic-resource-seekers for multiple organizations and types of sensitive content, we created guidelines that your nonprofit can use across online resources for these topics. We’ll share these guidelines and provide tips on how to ensure your resources are easily findable, having an impact, and reaching your audience effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to ensure your resources are easily findable
  • How to make sure your content is having an impact and reaching your audience effectively
  • Guidelines that your nonprofit can use across online resources for sensitive topics

Target Audience

Decisionmakers, Program Directors, Digital Product Managers, Executive Directors, staff who manage their organization’s website

Additional Speakers

Sam Raddatz, Katie Cunningham


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