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20NTC Session Proposal

Community Session: Nonprofit Case Studies: Accessibility in Drupal


The web removes barriers to resources and communication in the physical world. However, poor design and can exclude audiences from engaging in your nonprofit’s programs and furthering your mission. In this panel featuring representation from the National Foundation for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind,  we will touch on Drupal’s accessibility features and how 8 builds on 7’s standards. We’ll discuss common pitfalls in development and content creation – also touching on accessibility in social media (or lack thereof). We will demystify user testing, and automated testing. We’ll share opinions, approaches, and answer your questions too.

Whether you are a marketer, program manager, or developer, this discussion will be accessible to you.

This session is presented by the NTEN Drupal Community and made possible through the support of Message Agency.





March 12, 2019


2:15pm – 3:15pm

Session Evaluation

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