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20NTC Session Proposal

Communications and Inclusion: Reaching and Engaging a Truly Diverse Audience


We work in a communications landscape where not everyone in our community experiences our messages the same way—and sometimes they don’t receive them at all. Nationally, one in five people has a disability. The way we communicate has evolved with technology, but often technology is not automatically accessible to all, including many people with disabilities. From social media to printed collateral, the Chicago Community Trust and the American Heart Association have made accessibility for people with disabilities a priority, including when engaging with the public and on our websites. We see disability as being part of the human experience and an integral dimension of diversity.

To best engage and serve our truly diverse communities, we’ve taken many actions and established internal guidelines to ensure inclusion. For example, we make sure our web content is accessible for those using screen readers, use CamelCase in our hashtags, create different versions of our annual report depending on access, and ensure that all our videos, including live video, have captions or a transcript. As a standard practice, our events are designed for full inclusion.

This session will share our journey to become more accessible and our continued learnings, best practices for every organization to make accessibility a priority, and how to start today!

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn why accessibility is important
  • Learn best practices for digital engagement, including web design, social media, and email
  • Learn how to make events accessible and how to get started at your organization


Case Study

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April 11, 2018


3:30pm – 5:00pm



CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.5

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