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20NTC Session Proposal

Chatbots for Social Change

Submitted by: Steve Nagai-Ma | Flying Bird


Messenger chatbots are being used by non-profits to lower list building costs, significantly increase subscriber engagement rates, raise money more effectively, and drive actions like voting and signing petitions. Learn about this powerful new(ish) tool, how to build one yourself (without coding), and understand chatbot costs and how to get the most bang for your buck. 

1) Intro to chatbots and why they matter for nonprofits
2) Examples of how organizations use chatbots, including how the Sierra Club used a chatbot to recruit hundreds of thousands of subscribers, decrease their cost per acquisition by 41%, and improve their donations per subscriber by 833%.
3) Basics of building a chatbot
4) Costs of building and managing chatbots

Target Audience

Folks interested in more effective ways to do digital fundraising, advocacy, education, behavior change, and get out the vote.


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