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20NTC Session Proposal

Cash in a Flash – Starting your organization’s ‘Giving Day’


What organization wouldn’t want to double (or triple, or quadruple!) their giving on a single day? In this session, we will explore how to implement a flash match giving day, sharing some tried-and-true tactics for a successful campaign.

The session will involve our case study from the BC Cancer Foundation, where we quadrupled our average Giving Tuesday donations, without cannibalizing our end-of-year giving. 

We will explore various channels that can be used to effectively promote a giving day, including social, email, paid search, and other marketing activities, as well as recommend a timeline for planning and executing.

It’s not all about the cash, either — giving day campaigns can also bring in new online supporters to your organization. Whatever your chosen goals or KPIs, a one-day campaign can be a great way to pump up annual giving revenue and introduce your organization to more potential supporters. 



Learning Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities to pump up annual fundraising with a single-day matching gift campaign
  • Avoid common mistakes when setting up a giving day or flash giving campaign
  • Learn strategies for implementing and marketing a successful match

Target Audience

fundraising decision makers, marketing staff involved with fundraising


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