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20NTC Session Proposal

Can nonprofits use tactics that online retail companies use?

Submitted by: Rachael Wilkinson NTEN Member badge | Frakture


Have you noticed how clever retail businesses are with how they interact with us online? We visit a website one time and are followed for days with display ads. As companies use more sophisticated tactics, our constituents expect the same from us. Imagine a world where your activists sign a petition and log onto Facebook to see an ad thanking them (with no extra effort on your end!) Or when your constituents sign up for your email list they’re seamlessly synced into a different eCRM managed by one of your affiliates. And what if you need to report results to your boss? That’s easy when you can refresh a dashboard that includes ad data from several different platforms and is updated on a daily basis. Learn how organizations like the ONE Campaign, Amnesty International and American Diabetes Association have upgraded their communication methods to align with the commercial world. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how organizations are using automation to create a more customized experience for their constituents on Facebook
  • Learn how organizations are choosing segments of people to target across multiple platforms
  • See how easily new cross channel dashboards can be set up when all the data is in the same place

Target Audience

IT decision makers, fundraisers and marketers looking to streamline multiple data sources, tech leadership

Additional Speakers

Justin Kenel, more to be confirmed later.



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