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20NTC Session Proposal

But Are We Making Progress? Establishing and Using KPIs

Submitted by: Colleen Hutchings NTEN Member badge | CCAH


Fundraising is about more than this year’s bottom line. After all, you are powering the health of your organization for years to come, and that means stewarding relationships, balancing acquisition with retention, developing your donors into evangelists for your cause, and more. But neither you, your c-suite, or your board can look at all your metrics—retention, value, inception source, cross-channel behavior, page visits, social sharing, etc.—every month.

This session will help you establish the Key Performance Indicators to use to increase cooperation across departments, and confidently assess your organization’s progress towards your goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is a KPI? What makes a good KPI? What is the purpose of KPIs?
  • How to establish digital fundraising KPIs
  • How to use KPIs to build consensus across marketing and fundraising departments

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April 12, 2018


1:30pm – 3:00pm

CFRE Credits

Approved - 1.5

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