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20NTC Session Proposal

Building Your Nonprofit’s Communications Engine

Submitted by: Sarah Durham NTEN Member badge | Big Duck


Tools, channels, budgets and people all change. So how should you manage your nonprofit’s communications to maximize engagement in this ever-changing landscape? Whether you’re an E.D. trying to figure out what your in-house communications team should prioritize or a director of marketing or development trying to maximize your capacity with limited resources, you need a simple, clear framework that stands the tests of time. Based on Sarah Durham’s new book “The Nonprofit Communications Engine: A leader’s guide to managing mission-driven marketing and communications”, this session will share a scale-able theory that you can put into practice immediately.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the 3 primary results or outcomes a successful communications team should deliver
  • Understand the 6 core components necessary to achieve these outcomes
  • Structure their communications team for success

Target Audience

Nonprofit CEOs, Communications Directors, and other leaders



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