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20NTC Session Proposal

Building Relationships with Your Audience Through Simple User Research


For those of us who work in organizations that directly help people, we often get caught up in our own jargon about what a website or app should say, how it should look, and how it should function. 

With limited budget and capacity, it can feel fastest to assume we know what our audiences need, and it can be challenging to bring more voices into a design process. 

User research is an excellent way to counter biases and get accurate information about your users. It’s also an opportunity to build relationships. When we take the time to listen to the motivations and challenges of others we build empathy, which leads to better digital communications.

User-journey mapping is a powerful and affordable user research tool. In this session, we’ll use real examples to show you how to integrate this technique into digital communications projects at your organization, whether large or small. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct a simple user-journey mapping session in your own work
  • Understand the way that user research can improve relationships and communications with constituents
  • Use concrete information to justify digital content and design decisions to stakeholders and funders

Target Audience

Organization staff who are in charge of planning digital communications projects that directly serve their org constituents

Additional Speakers

Clayton Dewey - Agaric, David Gray - BALS


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