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20NTC Session Proposal

Building, Growing, and Nurturing Digital Teams


We ask a lot of our digital teams. They hold many responsibilities and are on the frontlines of communicating with stakeholders. In organizations that lack digital leadership, teams can feel isolated even when they are high-performing. With higher salaries in the private sector and a lack of mentorship and advancement opportunities, turnover can be a massive problem.

This session will present data collected from digital teams across the social-profit sector, understanding their needs and experiences. Review mistakes organizations make in hiring for key digital roles, and hear successful strategies leaders have used to grow and nurture their teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Dig into data currently being collected across the social-profit space
  • Explore what it takes to invest in, lead, and nurture digital teams
  • Learn from others' mistakes made when hiring for digital




Ryann Miller

Director, Partnerships


Hi I’m Ryann Miller, Director of Partnership at Grassriots, a boundaries-pushing, global strategic and creative agency based in Toronto, that serves the social profit sector. I help social profits use digital and integrated strategies for fundraising, marketing, advocacy and engagement. I’ve been doing digital fundraising for 13 years: most recently at Care2 for 8 years, focusing on the digital acquisition / lead gen part of the fundraising funnel. I’m big on sector growth, big on building relationships and community, and big on leveraging digital maturity #ftw.

Ryan Baillargeon

CEO & Founder


In 2011, Ryan launched Grassriots with a mission to challenge organizations to embrace digital transformation and tap into the human capital potential of their supporters to drive social change. A lifelong developer and technologist, he’s led digital strategy for numerous campaigns with issues ranging from cancer control, modern slavery, wildlife protection, and climate justice. As Founder and CEO, he is responsible for the overall leadership and operations of Grassriots.

Prior to founding an agency, Ryan helped launch Leadnow, Canada’s first digitally-empowered progressive advocacy group. He designed and developed tools to help mobilize hundreds of thousands to rally in support of climate justice, electoral reform, and the rights of Indigenous peoples through coordinated direct action. Ryan’s been a featured speaker on innovations in technology and campaigning at many conferences.

Anil Kanji

Director, Digital Engagement

Mozilla Foundation

I help organizations build movements, and empower their people to make possible the change they want to see in the world.

Over the past ten years, I’ve built national and global teams focused on inspiring and engaging supporters, through compelling digital content and campaigns. I’m an integrator and relationship-builder internally in organizations, desilozing and creating alignment around common campaign and organizational missions.

I’ve served on two organizational leadership teams, Greenpeace International’s global digital product team, and have managed distributed teams of up to 40 staff.



D137 - D138


March 15, 2019


1:15pm – 2:30pm

CFRE Credits

NFR - 1.25

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