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20NTC Session Proposal

Building a more effective nonprofit with new fundraising models


The audience of this session will be in it for a treat. 

Nonprofits and their fundraisers face an arduous task of raising money every year.  To raise money, nonprofits shuffle through their databases filled with donors at varying degrees of engagement, giving history, and satisfaction; and there is always a question of how much a donor will give this year, if they will at all ? And the cycle repeats itself.

Fundraising is not likely to get more productive because the strategies used by nonprofits focus mostly on the pre-giving phase.

In this session we will discuss strategies that will draw the focus of nonprofits on the post-giving phase where they can cultivate strong and meaningful relationships with their donors.  Combined with technology and consumer behavior psychology these strategies will help nonprofits improve the quality of relationships with donors, improve margins for growth, and distinguish themselves as more effective organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • The limitations and deficiencies of the current fundraising model; lack of focus on post-giving phase
  • Using consumer behavior and psychology to raising more funds
  • Give up Control to Grow; Inverse relation

Target Audience

Fundraisers, Board members, Executive Directors, Developers