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20NTC Session Proposal

Build technology that’s impactful, not wasteful

Submitted by: Ellie Ereira | Pivotal Act


Many nonprofits are building new technology solutions to further their impact. In our ever connected world, digital products have the potential to make a significant difference. However, often these technology solutions don’t result in the intended effect. They might not be used, or what gets built might be so different to the initial concept that the programmatic strategy doesn’t make sense any more.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are tried and tested methods for building technology solutions that ensure they solve the problem they’re meant to address. We will explain some of the best practices around developing digital products, and how you can mitigate risks, whether you are outsourcing or building in-house. We will also explain the steps to incrementally build up product development skills within your organisation.

Target Audience

People responsible for building digital solutions to be used either internally or to further the impact of their organisations

Additional Speakers

Aly Blenkin


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