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20NTC Session Proposal

Board Collaboration: Tools and Tips


Collaboration has become more integral to the work of nonprofit boards. Sharing documents via email just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Whether creating a board book, sharing meeting documents or working as a committee, there are multiple ways to move your board onward.  The goal is to move the board into more collaborative work to keep the engagement flowing.  This presentation brings together 3 presenters who work with boards from different perspectives and will share real situations, challenges and solutions as to what’s working and what tools can be useful.  Through interactive dialogue, you’ll engage in sharing and problem solving with other attendees.


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify opportunities to moving your board forward with collaboration
  • Discuss various options to increase your board's collaborative style
  • Develop next (or first) steps to integrate these ideas into workflow

Target Audience

executive directors, board members and others who work directly with nonprofit boards. Experience level from beginner to medium experience

Additional Speakers

Peggy Duvette, Mizgon Darby


BoardOrg CultureStrategy

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