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20NTC Session Proposal

Bitcoin Philanthropy: The Future of Fundraising


Over the last few years, $100’s of millions of dollars have been donated to nonprofits in the form of cryptocurrency. In this session, we will educate fundraisers on what cryptocurrency and blockchain are, as well as how to create a cryptocurrency fundraising program so they can begin to capture the next wave of cryptocurrency donations. The price of Bitcoin has already tripled this year and is only going to become an increasing way that people donate to their favorite causes. 

Why are people donating cryptocurrency in the first place? Because they are treated like stock donations, meaning that the donor isn’t required to pay capital gains tax and can write it off on their taxes. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Basics of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • What makes a good bitcoin and cryptocurrency fundraising program
  • Nonprofits accepting bitcoin and success stories

Target Audience

Fundraising decision makers who want to be prepared for the next wave of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations.

Additional Speakers

Patrick Duffy


Emerging TechEngagementStrategy

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