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20NTC Session Proposal

Beyond Lamenting: Tangible steps to increase diversity in our organizations

Submitted by: Catherine Algeri | Fearless


Our organizations and their missions thrive when diverse voices are at the table. Yet all too often, people in hiring positions lament that they can’t find or attract diverse candidates. In this panel, we’ll move beyond lamenting and get into tangible steps you can take to make sure your positions are seen by a wider candidate pool, that your organizations are setting up diverse candidates to thrive, and that you (whether you are an intern or a hiring manager) are taking steps to put your organization on a more diverse path. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Write job descriptions to attract more candidates
  • Examine work environments to foster diversity retention
  • Become proactive members in the push for workforce diversity

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to increase diversity in their organization and workplace

Additional Speakers

Eric Lundy, Inclusv


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