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20NTC Session Proposal

Be a Unicorn – Delivering Workshops that Don’t Suck


Here’s a tip you can use right away – reading bullet points from a slide deck in monotone is not good. Please stop.

As veterans of the presentation world with hundreds of presentations between us, we’ve developed strong opinions about presentations. Here’s a (perhaps) controversial one: Most of them are terrible. Honestly, some of ours have been terrible. 

Our goal is to reduce the suffering of audiences around the world by helping you create and present workshops that don’t suck.

We realize the major pressure we’re putting on ourselves by offering a workshop like this. What if our workshop sucks? We’re up to the challenge. This workshop won’t just tell you how to do a better workshop. We’ll show you. We’re going to break a sweat. You might too. It will be fun, challenging, maybe even be a little scary. Join us, if you dare. 

Learning Outcomes

  • How to plan, practice and deliver like a pro
  • Strategies, tactics and tech for increased audience engagement
  • Measuring audience engagement and learning in real-time

Target Audience

Anyone who has to present as part of their work, or wants to learn how to make presentations more engaging.

Additional Speakers

Maureen Wallbeoff



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